happy 21st birthday to the greatest friend anyone could ever have vvvincenttt

happy 21st birthday to the greatest friend anyone could ever have vvvincenttt

the old guy that works at my local Stewart’s knows I’m a PBR-aholic

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Senza titolo by htor on Flickr.
Heitor Magno


Senza titolo by htor on Flickr.

Heitor Magno

It makes me cry almost every time I think about how Josh and my dad would have been best friends.

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  • Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)

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“Do you still perform autopsies on conversations you had lives ago?”

Donte Collins

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Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013)

Last night I dreamt entirely of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Multiple dreams, and being different people.

1. I was watching (not as a person, but just as an invisible viewer) Ron talking to Lavender Brown. Obviously he leaves after a few seconds and the ghost (?!) of Percy comes in and starts talking to Lavender (who is really hot, btw). He leads her to the top of Gryffindor tower to “get a good view” of the fireworks-like hits into the forcefield around Hogwarts from the Death Eaters. Being some sort of omnipotent viewer I know that he is only leading her here because he knows once the forcefield comes down the Death Eaters will try to strike the higher towers of the castle from the ground first, although she thinks it’s for romantic reasons. It looks pretty cool from up there anyway.

2. I am Harry. I’m in the castle fighting someone who is coming at me with a sword. Somehow I have the Elder wand and it’s the size of a sword. I win the resurrections stone (or something? it’s foggy here). I make my way out of the castle and I know it’s time to go to Voldemort and die. But first! My shoes are untied, and it’s very hard trying to tie shoes in a dream in a war zone. Hermione sees me struggling and quickly casts a spell to tie my shoe and I being to run. I shout to her, “Better get the other one too for good measure!” and she obliges. As I run towards the Forbidden Forest I can see the faint outline of a Death Eater, but I have no fear because I know they have orders from Voldemort to keep me alive. The Death Eater removes his mask and it is Lucius Malfoy (I think he said something snarky but again, it’s foggy).

3. I am myself as a Hogwarts student. I am inside the castle with the other students. The grand staircase has become some a very odd version of an escalator. Other people I went to school with in my waking life are there as students as well. However, there is one person I somehow know to be working for the Death Eaters. He does not know that I know. I must discretely find my wand in my purse (which I keep getting confused with pens). I manage to alert my friends of this secret foe…FOG…  

4. Again, I am myself as a Hogwarts student. I am in the Forbidden Forest. Hermione and I are acting as a small defense to keep the forces from making it to the castle. We stumble on one person, and he is our age, and we capture him. Hermione suspects the Death Eaters have cast charms on each other so they won’t be fatally injured in battle and so she feeds him a potion she hopes will stop it. And then I stab him with scissors (?!). He is still conscious after a little while so I decide to slice all of his major arteries so he dies quickly and with less pain. But this person does not bleed out, nor do the stab wounds bleed (yes, multiple at this point). We assume this is a reaction to the charm and the potion. We take him back to the castle as a POW. When we get back it is the next morning, after there had been a retreat. The forcefield that once guarded us before has been replaced by multiple prison-grade fences that mend themselves…When the forces return both sides have giants throwing and rolling boulders at each other and the fence is continually ripped down and put back up again…and then it gets weird with large remote-control-type cars that fit people (and Pierce Brosnan).

There are a few other bits and pieces (also Harry Potter plot orientated) that I can only vaguely recall.

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ordered chilis to go and then left the order confirmation tab open so i can drool over it for the next hour until josh makes the trip there and back again cos i live in the middle of nowhere

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I died yesterday

I had my first maple bacon doughnut

and I swear I was in heaven

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Jean Philippe Brunaud

Part of the  “TIRED GHOSTS”  Series

>  Charcoal on Canvas

194 cm x 130 cm


>  Charcoal on Paper

120 cm x 68 cm


>  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

70 cm x 50 cm


"Tired Ghost" is a new series which use multi-medias, differents sizes and supports… a very free project where everything is possible… centered around the ghosts, like friends, enemies or just about a presence."